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Ted Cruz, Frank Sinatra, Total Amnesia and Author Tim Northway | Novel Ideas

Ted Cruz, Frank Sinatra, Total Amnesia and Author Tim Northway | Novel Ideas:

When I say that Tim Northway is a fascinating person– I do not say that in jest. Tim is the epitome of interesting, conversant and intellectually aware of his own talents and limitations. “Total Amnesia” is one of his best works to date and he knows it. Not only does he know that he has a hit book on his hands– he also knows that he has a chance at making a difference to the way we think.             

Q) I want to ask you to begin with to explain to our readers what makes “Total Amnesia” such a special read?
A) It is a new concept in Sci-Fi.  It isn’t about aliens fighting aliens or an adventure story of interesting new worlds.  These are fascinating stories, particularly when written by an excellent author.
The story does begin with an alien invasion of Earth, but its intention is to set the reader up for the BIG picture!
But Total Amnesia is talking the science in the fiction and applying it to the spirit, not just the physical universe.  Its entire basis is that you ARE a spirit.  So why aren’t you acting like one?  Why can’t you simply fly across the universe and blow up a star?
“Oh no no no!”  You say. “You can’t ‘fly’ without a spaceship you’d freeze!  You can’t blow up a star, you’d get vaporized!  And what if there’s a populated planet nearby.  You’d kill them all!  Furthermore, you can’t see without eyeballs and optic nerves or hear without Semicircular Canals and Tympanic membranes and you certainly can’t think without a brain!  Right?”
In this story, flying across the universe is the most natural thing a spirit does.  Agreeing with all the material constraints is the most un-natural thing you do!  How did you get into this condition?  That’s the adventure of Total Amnesia.
Q) Interesting concepts and ideas, Tim. What in your opinion makes a great writer?
  1.  A great story!
  2. Imagination
  3. Hard Work.
Q) Many people say that they find writers “inspirational.” What is inspirational to you?
I’m a free spirit, non-conformist, freedom fighter.  I like to come up with a concept along those lines, and create a story around that.
In Total Amnesia I started with a concept of having TOTAL freedom and then I asked myself why not?  The barriers become immediately apparent:
Your brain tells you what to think, you body dictates how you feel, the environment controls your actions, you are confined to a food-craving, oxygen-burning body in an atmosphere on a planet!  You can’t go anywhere without bringing along your fragile hunk of meat and caring for it.
This was my attempt to explain it all and it took me on a WILD, unexpected journey!
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