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Sean Lynch: Wounded Prey

Wounded Prey as Thriller of the Month

Amazon: Wounded Prey: Introducing Detectives Farrell and Kearns
We had some absolutely fantastic news this week in the office as we discovered that the wonderful Sean Lynch’s Wounded Prey was made Thriller of the Month over at E-Thriller. We are so delighted that he has been selected for this – he most certainly deserves it! Following the success and attention that has recently come from Sean’s appearance at CostCo we are overjoyed about this award! This has been a brilliant few months for Exhibit A with Dan O’Shea’s Penance being Thriller of the Month in September! Follow this link here to see the full review of Sean Lynch’s book over at E-Thriller  :)

Wounded Prey

WoundedPrey “It’s time to finish what he started…”
A young girl is snatched in broad daylight from outside her school and later found brutally murdered and hanging from a tree.
When recently retired San Francisco Police Inspector, Bob Farrell, sees this on the news, he realises his worst nightmare has just come true. The same brutal killer a government agency stopped him from putting away twenty years before is once more on the loose.
As the killer wreaks a trail of blood and destruction across North America, Bob Farrell teams up with rookie cop Kevin Kearns and sets out to track down their lethal prey.
But Farrell and Kearns are not playing by the rules any more than the killer is, and soon the FBI have all of them in their sights…
A visceral and heart-wrenching cross between No Country For Old Men and Silence of the Lambs, this is an exhilarating debut from a thrillingly authentic author.

Praise for Wounded Prey

“With Wounded Prey, Sean Lynch delivers a hell for leather, wild ride of a debut with the “been there done that” authenticity that lifts it above other thrillers. I just added Farrell and Kearns to my short-list of favourite characters, and Vernon Slocum to my worst nightmares! Think First Blood meets No Country For Old Men.”
Matt Hilton, bestselling author of the Joe Hunter series
“If you love a good thriller, you’ll blaze through this one, and personally, I can’t wait for the next Farrell and Kearns novel! What a great debut!”
My Bookish Ways
Wounded Prey is published by Exhibit A Books and is available now. This is a great debut and I certainly look forward to more.”
“Knowing my predeliction for reading crime books written by those who have experienced this world at first hand, Sean Lynch was an absolute find for me! With not only experience as an Infantryman in the US Army and a long career in law enforcement, Lynch is perfectly placed to imbue this novel, a brutal and bloody tale of the pursuit of a psychopathic killer, with a frighteningly accurate depiction of the essential natures of both killer and pursuer – and yes, this is definitely not one for the more nervous nellies among you, so be warned. Personally, I couldn’t fault this visceral, violent and completely enthralling thriller.”
Raven Crime Reads
“Sean Lynch understands his heroes and what drives them, and while they have considerable skills on their side, Slocum is a true monster, his reign of terror is shocking, and he really does seem larger than life. While redemption is the biggest theme of the novel, the author also deftly explores the inner workings of a very, very sick mind, and what made Slocum what he is. Be prepared to go to the dark side in this harrowing, fast-paced thriller.”
- Kristin Centorcelli at Criminal Element
“With its smooth prose, plausibly flawed characters and brilliant central villain, Wounded Prey is a welcome addition to the crime landscape. Its a read-in-one-sitting kind of book, and promises great things for Lynch down the line. If you’re looking for the new Michael Connelly – a big thriller with heart, plausibility and sense of grounding that few other writers can match – then you’re really going to want to keep an on Lynch. He keeps this up, he’ll be a big part of the next generation of thriller writers.”
- Russel D McLean in Crime Scene Scotland
“It’s not too uncommon to find a good novel, but it is more rare to come upon a novel as absorbing as this one, where reading it causes the external environment to drop away and time to pass without noting it. Wounded Preyis a very disturbing, graphic, violent, terrifying novel; but it is a novel that deserves a wide readership. Author Sean Lynch has the background in law enforcement to know the nature of his plotting; but even more importantly, he is an excellent writer. I consider it not just worth the initial reading, but worthy of re-reading as well. I look for more from author Sean Lynch, as he has become a must-read author for me.”
Mallory Heart Reviews
Wounded Prey is a non-stop thrill ride of a book. Unrelenting, brutal, scary, and at times skin-crawling in its depiction of atrocious crimes. And yet it is also funny, warming and believable.”
Tony Healey
Amazon: Wounded Prey: Introducing Detectives Farrell and Kearns

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