Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christy Birmingham's "Pathways to Illumination" A 2-Minute Movie Pitch.

Pathways to Illumination

OK, Christy, you're pitching your book to a studio.  You’ve got 2 minutes.  Go!

Why did you pick this title?

 “Pathways to Illumination” describes the journey that the central female character in the book goes on. It is a path or pathway, with many offshoots that present her challenges. Her goal is to improve her mental health, or so she realizes as the days continue to come. As she stumbles and continues to rise, she has “illuminations” about her past, her self, and her present day.

What’s the logline?   

  Inner light shatters layers of powerful prose to deliver a poignant hope.

What’s the Teaser Pitch?  

For anyone who has faced turmoil, had or met with someone with depression, and recognized the difficulties of self-confidence, this book is for you. The poetry is free-form, providing the you space to breathe and moments that take your breath away. It’s a contemporary story of personal strength.

Who is your Protagonist and how does she change in the book? 

 The hero is the woman who speaks in each of the poems. Told in 6 parts, the book follows her journey chronologically – this is a unique format for a poetry book. Over the pathways, or the 6 sections, this unnamed woman begins to question her past, abusive relationship and whether she deserves to continue to move forward without him. She faces obstacles to her growth, such as her lack of confidence, suicidal tendencies and feelings of being unworthy on many levels.

How did you come up with the idea?

 The idea for “Pathways to Illumination” came from my personal journey. It is not a biography but the words certainly grew from my own issues with abuse and depression. I wrote this book to help people who struggle with similar issues see that they too can become strong and independent, as I have done. It is not easy, but it is possible.

Why should I, the incredibly important Movie Mogul, buy this book?

  Why NOT, really. If you want a comforting feeling at your side, and a smile on your face at the last page of the book, then this is the read for you.


  1. Thank-you for featuring my book so well here! The poems in "Pathways to Illumination" come from the heart.

  2. Very innovative post to highlight Christy's lovely debut poetry book - I enjoyed reading this. I've read Pathways to Illumination, and it tugs at your heartstrings and makes you want to root for the "hero" - and yes, by the last poem I was smiling! ~ Julie :) xox

    1. The nice thing about this way of doing an interview is it's all Christy's thoughts. And they're damn good.


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