Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Two-Minute Book Pitch by Jana Petken for The Guardian of Secrets

OK, we’re going to do this interview as if you were pitching your book the way that a movie producer pitches a studio.
You’ve got 2 minutes.  


Why did you pick the title "The Guardian of Secrets"?
Because the entire story is wrapped around the character who has guarded secrets her entire life. These secrets are revealed throughout the book in her dying days. She is “The Guardian of Secrets”
What’s the Teaser Pitch?
Gone with the Wind was made in 1939. It’s time for another epic, with so much passion and emotion it will live with the audience for life. It’s time the world met a new, Scarlett O’Hara
Who is your hero and what are the challenges she faces in the book?
My hero in the book is Maria. She is the core, the glue that holds the family together for almost 90 years. At the beginning of the book, she's a daughter who loves her family and her land. The audience will feel for her because she is compelling, brave, and shelters all others from harm even at her own expense. During the Spanish Civil War, her family is fighting under opposing banners. It is a war in which she should play no part but she is compelled to go into battle because she fights for love. By the end, the audience will rooting for her to survive war, death, and to find her lost love; her reason for being. She triumphs by never giving up until the minute of her death
 How did you come up with the idea?
 Page by page, living with it through my own eyes and imagination. I was there with the story, with the characters, with the death, suffering, love and passion.
Why should I, the incredibly rich and handsome movie mogul, buy this book?
Because it is so different than anything else out there. It is more than a drama, an adventure and a war story. It is a running commentary of mankind’s triumphs and failures.  
 I'm sold. See my assistant and he'll cut you a check for a million bucks. Have a cigar?

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  1. Thanks Terry. "The Guardian of Secrets" is grateful to you and wants you to know that its content is not for the weak hearted. It is for those who want to jump inside a book and take the roller coaster ride with the characters until the last page, when they will no doubt, jump back out, feeling exhausted, yet exhilarated, at the same time. Thanks again for the opportunity to pitch Hollywood! xx


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