Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A 2-Minute Book Pitch for J.B.Turner's Hard Kill.

Harrumph, Thank you for doing this meeting with me, Mr. Turner. Now, I'm a very important movie studio executive with the attention span of a fieldmouse so you've got 2 minutes to prove that Hard Kill is the book for me.

Why did you pick this title?

My first book was Hard Road. And I wanted to keep that theme going. Hard Kill was a favorite choice from the off from Exhibit A and myself. It just felt right.

"It just felt right." Well, that's what they said before they greenlighted The Last Airbender so it's good enough for me.  I know another author who named his first book Courier and his second book Warrior. Now, the only option he can think of for the third book is Janitor. Hard is better.
What’s the log line?
A cabal plans a terrifying plot to devastate America.

A Cabal? Hmmm. I hope you're not talking about the Je...err...the executives who run Hollywood. 
What’s the Teaser Pitch?
An American diplomat goes missing and ex-Special Forces operative Jon Reznick joins a top secret team, led by FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein, to help track him down.

The team believes that there may be a terrorist group - perhaps Islamists - who have kidnapped him, as the diplomat's area of expertise is the Persian Gulf. But Reznick is training his sights on an unlikely candidate - a leading Washington DC surgeon.

But as the team itself comes under attack, and the 9/11 commemoration approaches, it becomes clear that the kidnapping is part of a much bigger plot, one that threatens not only New York, but the whole country as well.

OK, I like Meyerstein. She sounds like a hottie. We could get Katherine Heigl to play her. OK Tell me about this Reznick guy. Who is he and how does he change in the book? 
Jon Reznick is ex Delta Force but I don’t think he changes in the book. Saying that, he uses military analysis to determine the outcome and his tactics are constantly evolving throughout, so I guess there is change of sort. It begins with Reznick seeing headlights approach his isolated home in Maine early one morning. It’s the FBI and they want him to join a secret team to track down a missing diplomat. And from there, the plot kicks off. Throw into the mix a DC surgeon who seems to be an excellent marksman, and the 9/11 commemoration approaching in New York, and you have a gathering plot.

OK, no changes means no character beats so it won't require acting. It's perfect for Tom Cruise. Of course that means using a pneumatic lift for any romantic scenes with Heigl. Well, we could just use use his usual love double. Sorry, back to you.  

How did you come up with the idea? 
You know what, Terry, I need to get out more. I think that’s at the root of the whole thing. I stare out of windows too much. And I think. A lot. And I let my imagination run wild. But seriously, the idea? It began after reading after Operation Northwoods, a secret plan in the 1960s devised by the US military to bomb various places in America, but pointing the finger at Cuba. It’s a False Flag operation, or Black Flag, is others call it.

It sounds like you have a hell of a lot more interesting windows than I do. OK, Let's get to the $64,000 Question. Why should I, the insanely rich and, frankly, insanely insane Movie Mogul buy this book? 
 This is a straight up and down American thriller. You want to enter a clandestine world of disappearances, high level government intrigue, and see how a trained assassin could help the FBI topple a plot to destabilize America? Then this might be for you.

I hired a couple of crappy assassins to take out Katzenberg just the other day. I could buy the book for them... What the hell! Here's a check for a billion dollars, I'll take it.  Have a line of cocaine?

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