Monday, March 10, 2014

The Thrill Begins: Leslie Tentler on Being a ITW Debut Author in 2012

Leslie Tentler 

"it finally hit me. I was an author.

I ordered the restaurant’s best glass of pinot noir with my dinner and watched the snow come down.
There have been some big highs, including MIDNIGHT CALLER being a finalist for “Best First Novel” at ITW’s ThrillerFest in 2012. There was also the thrill of finding out that one of my favorite authors had run across my third book, EDGE OF MIDNIGHT, and liked it enough that she not only mentioned it on her blog but also provided me with a wonderful blurb. It’s definitely been a blast seeing all three books translated into foreign languages and recorded as audio books.
Two years have now passed since my last release in the trilogy and interested readers often ask me when another book is coming out. Admittedly, I peeled away from writing for awhile – for a number of important reasons, among them the fact that I was still grappling with the self-doubt I’d assumed would diminish after being multi-published. But then I began writing again, somehow unable not to. I hope to have news to share soon. 
The bottom line: It’s truly a greattime to be an author. There have never before been more paths to publication, more ways to get your stories into readers’ hands. My best advice is that whatever path you choose, just be sure to build in time to enjoy the ride. You’re only a debut author once.
My other advice: If your book releases in the winter, have a backup plan for snow."

Leslie is the author of the Chasing Evil trilogy,which includes MIDNIGHT CALLER, MIDNIGHT FEAR and EDGE OF MIDNIGHT, and is published by MIRA Books


The writer becomes the story when crime reporter Mia Hale is discovered on a Jacksonville beach—bloodied and disoriented, but alive. She remembers nothing, but her wounds bear the signature of a sadistic serial killer.After years lying dormant, The Collector has resumed his grim hobby:abducting women and taking gruesome souvenirs before dumping theirbodies. But none of his victims has ever escaped—and he wants Mia back,more than he ever wanted any of the others.

FBI agent Eric MacFarlane has pursued The Collector for a long time.The case runs deep in his veins, bordering on obsession…and Mia holds the key. She'll risk everything to recover her memory and bring the madman to justice, and Eric swears to protect this fierce, fragile survivor. 

But The Collector will not be denied. In his mind, he knows just howtheir story ends.

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Check Amazon for Edge of Midnight (The Chasing Evil Trilogy)

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