Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let’s Talk Covers and Stealing From Other Artists

The Man With The Golden Mind by Tom VaterRotten At The Heart by Bartholomew Daniels This
is Tuesday, not Monday. You may be confused (and possibly inconsolable)
because there was no post from me yesterday. I’d like to say there’s
some grand excuse for it, but I just plain forgot. Well, that’s not
actually true. I truly thought I had written this post already and
posted it but never bothered to check. I’m a genius, I know.

So let’s talk about design. Book covers specifically (you’ll notice
two of our more recent covers off to the side there). I love book
covers. I love browsing the book store and looking at what other
publishers are doing. Some are very good and some are very bad, but the
vast majority are a mix of the two. So far I think Exhibit A has done
some pretty cool covers. But as I’m settling in to the role and starting
to feel my independence, I’ve been talking to Marc more and more about
my specific ideas for what I want in Exhibit A covers.

When we start the cover process, I usually email the author and the
agent and get their thoughts (one of the benefits of being a smaller
publisher btw) and then I write up my notes and send the designed some
sample covers or other images. At first I was only sending covers of
books that were similar to the one we were publishing, but lately I’ve
been including book covers and movie posters for unrelated work that I
think would work well with the book at hand. When Marc and I were in NYC
we spend an hour or so just going through cover images from books and
albums as well as movie posters to get a sense of what we are looking
for in an Exhibit A book. I’ll be discussing this more in-depth over the
next few months and maybe doing a full behind the scenes look at out
cover process.

For now though, I’ve set up a Tumblr account
where I’ll be posting what’s inspiring me and what I’m sending to our
cover designers. It’s still rough as Tumblr is being a giant meanie
about a typo in the email address I registered with, but check back
regularly to see if it ever gets up and running. |: From the Editor:

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