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Something Special For Your Children And Grandchildren! | alexcordnews

I want to share this interview with you all. MRS. D is an
award-winning children’s author who moved from the Ukraine to the United
States of America. She brought with her some wonderful ideas about
children’s books and the desire to write them. It’s important that we
teach our children to read and I think I’m safe when saying that MRS. D
agrees with me when I say that books can be the best friend of a child.

Enjoy this interview and don’t forget to download a copy of her charming book “The Trees Have Hearts.”

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How would describe your books? Do you write in more than one genre? What are they?

When I write, I never think into what genre my story will fit. A good
story always finds its place and reader. I often mix realistic fiction
with modern fantasies. I think these two styles describe my books best. I
twist true events with unrealistic characters, which teach children to
conquer problems, build self-esteem, and overcome challenges in their
lives. They also show young readers the beauty and power of nature and
help them learn about the true meaning of friendship and family. It also
helps them better connect to the surrounding world and care for our
younger friends, the animals. I do not think that mixing two genres
confuses young readers. Children easily connect to imaginary characters
and often see themselves or their behavior from a different perspective.

I also like to write short stories for adult readers. I am presently
working on my first novel, The Chinese Princess, and a short story, A
Taste of Bread. Let’s see where my restless imagination takes me.

How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write your book? And what motivated you to write it?

I have been writing since I learned to hold a pen. I wrote my first
poem when I was six. Throughout my school years, I wrote many short
stories and poems in both Ukrainian and Russian. I started writing in
English in 2011. Since then, I have published five children’s books.
Three more are coming this year and a few more will be published in the
near future.

I do not have a particular plan or schedule. I write when I feel the
story, when I can’t think of anything else—just the words transforming
into sentences, filling my brain until I cannot sleep. That’s how I know
I have something to share. I write because I love to get lost in the
imaginary world full of beautiful characters, words, and phrases.

I write because I want the same experience for the reader. I never
treat writing as a job. The story should come from the heart, from the
soul, from emotions, and ripen over time. Before I put my story on
paper, I must feel it in my whole being. Then I know I can bring it to
the reader.

I don’t look for motivation, either. I am a child of the post-WWII
generation. I grew up in the Soviet Union. Each day of my life was a
story. Sometimes I feel I have already lived a hundred lives. My life is
my story. I am not sure if I am lucky or cursed.

Something Special For Your Children And Grandchildren! | alexcordnews: Something Special For Your Children And Grandchildren!

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