Monday, May 12, 2014

Paul D. Brazill's 2-Minute Pitch for "A Case of Noir"

OK, Mr. Brazill--and I must say that that's a terrible pen name. Couldn't you have gone with something classy. R.L.Stine, say. Anyway, that's not what this meeting is about, after all we're going to have you sign over all your rights to Megalith Studios, so it's a bit moot.

Let's change things around and go with the short, sharp questions first. What's the Logline?
 The Only Crime Is Getting Caught.
Hmm. Not bad but it could be about Wall Street. What’s the Teaser Pitch?
 Like the Coen Brothers directing The Talented Mr Ripley.
Well, that would be almost unimaginably strange. Is anything really like the Coen Brothers? Let's move on.  Why did you pick this title, A Box of Black or whatever?
 A Case Of Noir. 
 It’s a collection of darkly comic interlinked stories – like a case of dark whiskey. 
 It’s also a pun on the protagonists name, Luke Case.
Who is your hero and how does he change in the book?
 I just told you, Luke Case is the hero. A boozy English hack with a dark secret. He changes location but he doesn’t change since people don’t really change. 
Of course it's Luke Case, I knew that. I was just testing you. How did you come up with the idea?
 The publishers - an Italian company called Lite Editions-  asked me to write an erotic noir set in a European city. So I wrote Red Esperanto – set in Warsaw, Poland. They liked it and asked me to continue Luke Case’s misadventures so I dragged him off to Spain, France and then back to England..
Is Poland in Europe? I thought that Russia was invading it or something?
 No, that's the Ukraine. 
Well, Poland shouldn't be in Europe anyway. How else could we tell Polish jokes? Don't answer that. Why should I, the Incredibly Rich and Handsome Movie Mogul, buy this book?
 Because you, like everyone else, like to peek – if not gaze - into the abyss- as long as it’s not looking back at you!
The Abyss? You mean like a life without Maseratis, lunches at pop-up restaurants that no one has heard of, and willing interns? My God man, that would be horrible! I LOVE this book! It'll scare the Ferragamo loafers off every man in this town. We'll buy it--how many zeros do you want me to put on the check? 


  1. Make sure you hold onto those sequel and video game rights.


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