Sunday, July 27, 2014

Barry Lancet's 2-Minute Book Pitch for "Japantown" (delivered to Clueless Movie Mogul)

(Movie Mogul is on phone as Barry Lancet walks in)

Sure, J.J. Let's have lunch and we can talk over my concept for Fast and Furious 22. You're gonna love it. 

(as he punches out of the call, he hits the wrong button and the speaker says 
"At the tone, the time is..." before he can shut it off.)

That Abrams, always the joker. Heh, heh. OK, young man, I'm warning you. Don't waste my time. I'm a very big fish in this town and I'm used to making sushi out of punk writers like you. You've got 2 minutes to sell me on this Japantown nonsense. Don't waste it.


Why did you pick this title?

Japantown is the one that stuck, from a list of about fifteen. It’s where the book starts—with murder—and the challenges of what happens in San Francisco’s Japantown and elsewhere become symbolic by the book’s end.


What’s the logline?

Japantown opens with the perfect murder—and one clue that no one can read. 


What’s the Teaser Pitch?

Everyone in Hollywood wants to do their Japan picture. This one bounces from San Francisco to Tokyo and beyond. It has potential. 


So you think you know all about this town, huh? We'll see. Who is your hero and how does he change in the book?

Jim Brodie is a Japan expert based in San Francisco who grew up in Japan, born to Caucasian American parents. He knows the culture, the country, and the people. He sees things about Asian cultures none of us can. As the story progresses, he faces increasingly overwhelming threats against himself, family, and friends, and must change and adapt. 


How did you come up with the idea?

After twenty-five years as an expat American in Japan, I wanted to show what I’ve seen and experienced—and chose the form of a mystery-thriller. 


Why should I, the Incredibly Rich and Handsome Movie Mogul, buy this book?

You already did—for a television drama. And your name is J. J. Abrams. 


 Really? J.J. bought it? (coughs) I mean, I knew that. As a matter of fact, we were going to talk about it over lunch. Speaking of which, can I buy you lunch? 


Love to but I'm meeting with Spielberg in 10 minutes about my next book. Ciao.

(Lancet leaves. He snaps his fingers at the pretty receptionist 
on his way out. He is whistling as he gets into the elevator.)

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