Monday, September 1, 2014

Tokyo Kill by Barry Lancet | THE BIG THRILL

By E. A. Aymar
I almost missed the deadline for this article and it’s all Barry

Lancet’s damn fault. I got so absorbed in his second thriller, TOKYO

KILL, that I ended up reading it slower than I usually do, savoring each

line, observing how expertly and subtly the plot twists and

complications were built. Those who are familiar with Lancet’s

JAPANTOWN, which was a Barry Award finalist for Best First Novel and

optioned for television by J. J. Abrams and Warner Bros., will be

excited to catch up with Jim Brodie’s newest adventure, which takes

place largely in Japan and pays homage to that country’s beautiful and

mysterious customs and society.

These customs are introduced to the reader both through Brodie’s

interactions and personal knowledge, as well as through his side career

as an art collector. The two cases he’s been involved with have both

involved relics related to Japan’s past, and the country’s history is

revealed to the reader as Brodie begins to unravel the mysteries behind

the homicides that end up on his doorstep.

In addition to his writing, Barry Lancet has worked in publishing. He

resides in Tokyo, and was gracious enough to answer some questions

about his work (the Russian spy story is especially fascinating):

Your debut novel JAPANTOWN won four “best” book citations, is a finalist for a Barry Award, and has been optioned for TV by J. J. Abrams. Do you feel any pressure for the next installment in the series?

No, I’ve been too busy. JAPANTOWN reprinted three

times before publication, and a fourth was scheduled the week the book

came out. All the interest generated a lot of interviews and talks so,

ironically, I had no time to think about the second- or third-book

jitters when it came time to write them. I just jumped right into

stories. I already had several threads for the books in mind, and so it

was a smooth transition.

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